6 Summer Music Suggestions

These are some of my favorite CDs & artists. I just realized I’ve seen them all live except John Mayer…I need to fix that. 🙂

1. Steve Moakler: Watching Time Run

2. Ben Rector: Something Like This

3. John Mayer: Born & Raised

4. Dave Barnes: What We Want, What We Get

5. NEEDTOBREATHE: The Outsiders

6. Tyrone Wells: Metal & Wood


I would love for you to share your favorite(s) in the comments below.

About Living Tiny, Dreaming Big

What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.

-Ralph Marston

M. C. Starbuck

Hi, I’m Megan, and I used to be a major packrat! Some people might say I still am, but that’s just because there are remnants of years of keeping every. little. thing.


From my picture, you can probably tell that I’m a free spirit. So getting rid of clutter never sounded appealing to me…until I wanted a tiny house and the freedom that came along with it.


I started this blog with the goal of building a tiny house before I turn 30.


As my 30th birthday approaches, I no longer have the need for a tiny house. I will be married to someone who already has a house. That someone is also in the military, and I’m pretty sure he’s glad I’m no longer a packrat. We’ll be moving several times before he’s out of the Air Force, and it’s a much easier task when there isn’t much to move in the first place.


Yet I’m still so grateful for all the motivation a tiny house provided. I love learning practical ways to enrich my life and the lives of those around me. That’s why I enjoy sharing my journey of what I’ve gained by getting rid of stuff. I’ll be sharing even more of it in my upcoming book, Packrat to Clutterfree.


I’ve had to overcome some obstacles to get to where I am, so I’m a big fan of not being a victim of the past even if you have every right to be.


I’d love for you to join me in discovering simple ways to let go of fear in order to live life to the fullest!


The best way you can do that right now is to enter your email in the box at the top of this page. In doing so, you’ll have a blogpost from me sent straight to your inbox approximately every other week. And for now, you’ll also get the Baby Steps of Going from Packrat to Clutterfree for free. You might even get the first chapter of my book before it’s released to the rest of the world.


 Thanks for taking the time to visit!
M. C. Starbuck




About the Blog


Here’s what some of my readers are saying:


I love reading your blog. You are a brilliant writer and have an amazing perspective. -Linda M.


Took a coffee & snack break. Sat down to this awesome post. I’m a tiny person, so I can speak from experience. Living tiny is awesome. -Ronei H.


I’d love for you to grab your own cup of tea or take a coffee break and visit for a while. And if you like it, come back again and enjoy this “tiny” community and the big encouragement it offers.


What is Living Tiny?


Living tiny is about way more than a tiny house. It’s also about more than getting rid of stuff until you have nothing left to do. It’s about creating space to dream big.


What could you do, what would your life look like, if you were debt-free? Clutter-free? What if you weren’t carrying all that weight? What if, for once, you could say you aren’t too busy?

Maybe you’ve tried it all before and have become accustomed to the idea that this excess will always be a part of your life. That you might as well not even fight it. So instead you just embrace it.


I’ve been there. Decluttering is my biggest challenge. I used the excuses “I don’t have time” and “It isn’t that important.” I told myself the half-truth that I like my clutter. It adds memories and joy to my life.


Yeah, right. Memories of searching through piles only to find everything but what I’m looking for, or of being embarrassed for people to see inside my car.


Just because I knew this, didn’t make it seem practical or realistic or even possible for me. I thought I’d go crazy if I changed my life enough to be clutter-free. It did not sound fun at all.  It did not sound like living, tiny or no.


That’s because I was looking at it all wrong.


I focused on everything I’d have to give up in order to do this:
  • time
  • effort
  • sentimental items
  • things I might need
  • possessions that could save me money because I found a good deal even though I don’t need it yet


I’ve had to really change my mindset over the past year to get to this point. In fact, there are still piles surrounding me as I type this, though certainly not as many!


Paying off $25k in student loans in three years taught me that I can succeed in letting go of other things that are holding me back, too. I developed habits during that time that are helping me gain a simpler life. And that’s the key. I’m seeing that my life gains freedom and joy and purpose each time I “give up” what I used to think was a need.


I’m seeing how amazing simplicity is. And that it isn’t just for people who grew up in a simple lifestyle or have a knack for it or always knew they wanted it. It’s for the rest of us, too. It’s for anyone willing to try again. It’s for those who can look back on an accomplishment and say, “If I can do that, then I can do this, too.” It’s for anyone who believes it’s not too late to learn and grow and change the world, starting with their own.


Living Tiny, Dreaming Big


To join me for encouragement as I develop the habits of gratitude, letting go, and staying motivated, sign up for my newsletter. You’ll immediately get a link to the 4 baby steps I used to start becoming clutter-free, too. Don’t worry, it’s all free! (I remember what it was like to be in debt.) And you can unsubscribe at any time. And if that’s not enough, I won’t even share your email with anyone.



I’m so thankful to share this journey with you.


More About Me


I love my readers! It’s so nice to meet you!

I already know you are amazing…just like this “guy” I met in the airport.

As for myself, I hate wasting everything from money and paper to time and energy. That’s part of why having a tiny house was so appealing to me.

I know it can be difficult since we have access to so many material possessions. It’s hard to simplify and even harder t keep things simple. We take on so much responsibility that we don’t even have time to think about what matters to us most.

As an English major, studying Walden in college reminded me of my dream to live a more self-sustained and carefree life in the woods. A couple of my friends and I agreed we could live in a shack together someday. We even each wrote a short story of what it would be like. So when I saw a video of a tiny house, I knew I wanted to join the movement.

See, I’m a bit of an idealist and an optimist. It’s worked out pretty well for me so far. It’s why I believed I could pay off $25k and why I refuse to go back into debt. I know there is a better way. I viewed buying land and a tiny house as a way to help me have more time to travel and brighten people’s days than I do now.

It would also allow me to do more of what I love: readingclimbing treeswriting lettersgardening, backpacking and exploring outdoors.

If you’d like to know more about me, you can check out this interview I did sharing how I stayed off the hamster wheel with my lifestyle.

Welcome to a small piece of my life. I’m glad to have you share in it, and I hope you will find it worth your time.


Here are a few of my favorite/most popular posts to get you started:


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And always remember to live tiny but dream big!


Jump into a Pool Fully Clothed

To celebrate paying off $25k in debt, I wanted needed to do something to celebrate.

My big celebration has already been planned for winter because I didn’t think I’d have it paid off until then, & also because a month at the beach is way cheaper at that time.

I decided to mark something simple off my bucket list: jump into a pool fully clothed. I had wanted to do this for college graduation pictures, but things had gotten so busy at that time. I still have my cap & gown, so I decided I would wear it, too, in celebration of having my student loans paid.

My last thought before jumping was, “What if I drown?”

Well, that’s exactly how that debt had made me feel.

Jumping in was so fun, though! *hint, hint* I didn’t drown.


Have you marked something off your bucket list lately? Or have you paid off your debt? How did you celebrate? I’d love for you to share it in the comments below. Thanks for reading.


Live Tiny; Dream Big!


And in case you missed it, here’s my post about 3 Things I Didn’t Expect at the End of Paying off $25k in Debt.