How to Join Clutter-Free by Thanksgiving

Thank you for your interest in becoming clutter-free by Thanksgiving! It is an amazing journey.

Some changes look negative on the surface, but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.                       -Eckhart Tolle



I’ve had so much fun this year getting rid of clutter and motivating others to do the same! After getting some feedback, I’ve made some exciting changes to make this course even better this year. And I’m open to ideas from you as well.

One of those changes is the printable packet I’m now including. Not only does it outline the four baby steps I used to become clutter-free in less than a year, but it also includes:

  • charts to keep track of how much clutter you’ve gotten rid of
  • checklists to help you remember which tasks you’ve done and which ones you have left
  • practical quick tips that I learned really helped me in each category

Baby Steps Packrat to Clutter-Free

Baby Steps Packet Options

For those who don’t have room in their budget for the whole course, I’m making this packet available for only $4 for the online version that you can print yourself and $8 if you’d like me to print it and mail it to you.

It’s 12 pages (six if you print front and back), and is full of the best things I’ve learned through this process. It’s a great tool to reference and hang on the fridge as a reminder to declutter daily.


I’m pleased to be offering my 6-month Clutter-Free by Thanksgiving course for a fourth of the price of an online college course (that’s 75% less expensive for those of you who prefer percentages).

And learning a life-skill like decluttering is just so practical and even pretty fun (most of the time) even though you don’t get a diploma. Your clutter-free life and the skills and friends you gain to get it are great rewards.


How to Join

After you make your payment, ask to join the Facebook Group: Clutter-Free by Thanksgiving. It’s a great support system! They’ve encouraged me so much. If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for my newsletter where I have some freebies to get you started while you wait for the course to begin.

You may want to check out How It’s Already Changing Lives and What Payment Includes.

And if you let me know by February 28th if you want a refund, then you can get a full refund no matter the reason. I want you to be happy with your purchase and your progress!


If you’re ready to give it a try, you can pay for it here:

Clutter-Free by Thanksgiving


Clutter-Free by Thanksgiving




I do offer scholarships, so if this is something you’re interested in please fill out this form.


Become a Sponsor

Of course, scholarships aren’t possible without those who provide them. If you are not interested in the course for yourself but would like to provide a scholarship, you can make a donation here:


Donate to Helping 100 People become Clutter-Free by Thanksgiving of 2016





Who is this Not for?

If you’ve read all about Clutter-Free by Thanksgiving but still aren’t sure if it’s for you, check out the list below about who this course isn’t for.

Who Is This NOT For?

  • Someone who just needs to get organized. This program is about getting rid of clutter because it’s important to do that before organizing. I actually like organizing. It’s fairly fast and makes things look way better. I don’t have to decide what to get rid of, but that’s the problem. As I use items, they come out of hiding and make things cluttered again. Once I’m decluttered then I’ll spend time organizing, and I hope you’ll join me for that, too!


  • Someone who isn’t willing to invest time in decluttering. You don’t have to commit to five days without stopping, but you need to commit at minimum about two hours per week. We want to set realistic goals, but we don’t want to make them so easy that we don’t see progress.


  • Someone who doesn’t believe it’s possible. This was me for a while. But once I believed I could do it, that’s when I committed to it and started noticing significant progress. While reading about habits and AA, I learned that a key in determining whether or not someone was successful in remaining sober was that they believed they could. I believe you can declutter all of your items by November, but you have to believe it, too.


  • Someone who just wants to “fix” someone else. While focusing on your own clutter can help your spouse and children choose to declutter on their own because they see how awesome it is for you, this is not about making other people get rid of their stuff. It’s about getting rid of your own (which will make a huge difference in how you feel and act towards family and in how much space you have). My decluttering has rubbed off on my mom who had taught me so many of my clutter habits. There is hope for those in your household, but this program starts with you. We will definitely share ideas about living with others and how to talk to them about clutter, but forcing them to be clutter-free is not the goal.


  • Someone who just needs to declutter their schedule and not their possessions. While I may talk about decluttering one’s schedule or mind, the main focus of these seven months is to declutter possessions. I’d love to hear how you got rid of your clutter, though! If you want to join just to share your insights, we’d love to have you. Just know that the group may not benefit you as much as you thought. And maybe we can work together in the future when I’m ready to move on to coaching people on how to say no to obligations so they can say yes to what matters most.


  • Someone who hates the KonMari Method. If you haven’t heard of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, your life is seriously about to change. It’s the only decluttering book I’ve read in its entirety. I could hardly put it down. I even took notes. (Who does that?) If you’ve read it and hated it (I’ve never heard of anyone who has), then you’ll probably hate this program. If you haven’t read it, what are you waiting for? That advice is worth the price of all seven months.


If you have a question, please leave it in the comments below. Someone else is probably wondering the same thing and will benefit from your comment.

What does the Clutter-Free by Thanksgiving Plan Include?

You will come to know that what appears today to be a sacrifice will prove instead to be the greatest investment that you will ever make. -Gorden B. Hinkley

In The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg expresses how important group support is in not just breaking a bad habit but also in creating a positive one to replace it.

He states that changing a habit consists of a trigger, a routine, and a reward. I hope to help you find and establish those things throughout this course.

We’ll do this by setting up daily reminders and going through the course as a group where you can communicate with other students as well as myself through the Facebook group.

Course Outline

Course Description

While this is an online course, a lot of the work and content will be offline. I personally don’t enjoy staring at a screen all day, and I have a feeling you do enough of that, too.

My goal is to balance online and offline support so that you can become clutter-free without being tied down to a phone or computer.

This is why part of your daily reading will be from two books that have helped me declutter. I’ve also chosen these books for their simplicity and ease of reading. While I love to read and hopefully you do, too, I realize that it can still be hard to find time for it. Plus, you probably have your own list of books to read, too!

Who’s excited about reading together?

Reading Clutter-Free Course


I’m so excited that for a limited time, I’m giving the course to anyone who makes a donation of any amount! You can do that here through November 30.




You’ve probably tried decluttering before and have your doubts about whether this will work for you or not. But how will you know if you don’t try?

That’s why you’ll have 30 days to get your money back, whether you just changed your mind or something else came up or it just isn’t for you. I want you to be happy with how you’ve spent your time and your money. (Believe me, it wasn’t so long ago that I had $25k in student loans. And I’m still careful where my money goes.)

Towards the end of 30 days, I’ll send a reminder email for you to let me know if you want your refund. If you get it, you will be removed from the Facebook group. Otherwise, you remain in the group as long as you desire to (and are not negatively impacting it).


If you still want to have a clutter-free Thanksgiving, I’d love for you to join me in reaching that goal!

Living Tiny, Dreaming Big


How Clutter-Free by Thanksgiving is Changing Lives

This is probably my favorite comment so far about how this course has changed someone’s life. One of the ladies taking the course posted it to the private Facebook group, after 26 days in the course, but has allowed me to share it here:

For years I’ve struggled with the clutter. My husband and I live in a very small space with our three children. With the addition of each child, the clutter grew. I’m not the most organized, but I was able to keep things under reasonable control until last March when we had our third child. For the last year I’ve begged and pleaded with my husband to help me. He has ADD and his stuff is spread throughout the house. In addition, he has this compulsion to save things in case we may need it one day (a trait from his dad). Because of the small space, we do not have that luxury. I’ve kept him informed about the group and leave up the links to the blog posts for him to read. I was happy that Clothes was the first thing we tackled because he has way too many, most of which he never wears. Yesterday, without my prompting, he came up to me with a small laundry basket filled with his clothes and told me he wanted to donate them. I almost fell over from sheer shock! He even began to clean out some space and organize his drawers. For the first time I’ve found something that he can get on board with. Thank you Megan!

I was honestly surprised by this because our focus is on our own clutter. I love getting so many responses of ways the course has helped people that I didn’t even expect.

Another example of that would be the guy who showed us that all of his clothes were dark: black, brown, grey, and dark blue. After getting rid of some things, he bought clothes with more color. So fun!


And of course I have to show you a “before” and “after” picture.

This is after only about two months in the course. The “before” picture was typical even on days when keeping up with the cleaning routine, where the “after” picture is typical now. I’ve been in this house, and it looks like that in the rest of the room, too. They also didn’t just move their clutter to another room. They got rid of it!

The same change took place in the room that their three daughters share. (Maybe I’ll add those pictures later.)

Clutter-Free by Thanksgiving(2)


Anyway, I’ve also spent the past few months implementing my own steps to a clutter-free life in addition to helping others get started.

In five months, I’ve gotten rid of over:

  • 47 pounds of paper!
  • 85 books (I have an English degree, so this was so hard to imagine me ever doing!)
  • 8 bags of clothes
  • 50 CDs
  • 3 boxes of random stuff 🙂

Changing Other People’s Lives

Not only are we dedicated to improving our own lives, but we also like to support other amazing organizations that are:

  • helping women in third world countries become entrepreneurs (Opportunity International)
  • giving people’s donated excess furniture to those without any (Bridging)
  • providing a “home away from home” for families with a child receiving medical attention (Ronald McDonald House).

In fact, half of the income from Clutter-Free by Thanksgiving was donated to the above charities as well as The Salvation Army and International Justice Mission.

After you’ve been in the group for a month, you’ll be able to add a charity to the list to receive donations.

Join Clutter-Free by Thanksgiving to gain a better quality of life for yourself and others.



Become a Sponsor

You can also be part of changing someone else’s life by providing a scholarship. I had two sponsors to start out with, and it was so fun! I send a monthly update on your sponsored student’s progress.

Last time, there were more applicants than sponsors. I’m hoping to change that.

Either way, though, I try to keep my sponsors involved in the process by allowing them to review the responses if they want after I’ve chosen a few with the most need. Then they can choose which one to sponsor based on that.

Here’s what one student said when she found out she’d received the scholarship:

Oh wow Megan!!  Thank you so much!!  And please pass my heartfelt thank you to whomever is sponsoring me!  I am so excited to start this journey and really hope to make some great progress.

And here’s part of her update after the first few weeks:

I’ve been able to spend some time each day reading blogs and other things that have been posted in the group.  I spent a few hours last week decluttering my space at work.  I threw away at least 2 large bags of trash, as well as filled up a large bag of shredding.


I’ve also found even more of my clothes that I can get rid of.  Initially I went through my closet and dresser and got rid of things that I knew were too big or outdated or that I just didn’t want anymore.  That totaled 5 bags.  Then I went through again and found more stuff, including shoes and got three more bags from that.
If you’re interested in providing a scholarship, let me know at LivingTinyDreamingBig {at} mcstarbuck {dot} com with the subject: Scholarship. I look forward to hearing from you!


 More Testimonials

In two separate five hour in-person sessions along with a week of coaching, I helped my student who has four children get rid of:


  • 15 trash bags of clothes
  • 2 bags of trash
  • 1 bag of Christmas wrapping paper and bows

Now her daughter is excited that cleaning her room only takes five minutes!

Before and After Decluttering PART_1426379386792_0314152028

I haven’t been there in a few weeks, but she told me it looks even better now.


Another client had this to say:


“It was definitely worth the $50/week!” -Lisa


She must have meant it because she’s already paid for two more weeks. With her, we’re doing weekly 30 minute phone calls as well as a couple of emails and texts each week.

I also had a reader tell me that she had gotten rid of about nine bags of clothes in December after reading my blog! So if you’re unable to join at this time, check out the Living Tiny section of this blog for free inspiration and ask to join my free Facebook group: Living Tiny, Dreaming Big where you can be part of a more self-managed group of declutterers. 🙂


Who is Clutter-Free by Thanksgiving for?

It’s for the mom with five kids and lots of homeschooling stuff.

It’s for the dad with the office full of papers.

It’s for the ones who moved all their new stuff back in with their family after college.

It’s for the parents who want to train their children in better habits than they saw growing up.

It’s for the woman who is already nearly finished decluttering, but wants more encouragement and ideas as she finishes.

These are the kind of people who are already in the group, but if you’re still not sure if it’s for you then keep reading.

Who Is This For?

  • Anyone who wants to see results. I don’t want to declutter this much for the rest of my life, but I do want to finish each category instead of sporadically decluttering here and there. I want to be able to see a difference everywhere. I don’t want to just put all the clutter into one room where no one can see it or even to spread it throughout the house so that each room is tolerable. I want to look around and know that all I have is what I’ve intentionally decided I still want to keep. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it needs to be significant.

I want:

  1. to see a difference in the way I live
  2. to have more freedom in time, money, and thoughts
  3. my freedom to serve an important purpose
  4. to do things and spend time with people in a way I was unable to do before

By the end of this, we should be able to share our results with others to encourage them and show them that it’s possible for different types of people.

  • Anyone who wants a plan to stay focused. I’ve tried to participate in short-term decluttering challenges; I’ve even hosted one myself. While they are helpful, with as much clutter as I have, I need more than a few weeks to finish. So I was jumping from one challenge to another. Just when I got the hang of one, it ended. Having a focus with a reasonable deadline of when to be completely finished keeps me motivated. Plus, with this we’ll have monthly goals as well as the overall goal. We’ll even talk about daily and weekly goals, too. And you’ll be able to walk through it will all of the same people for that entire time. Instead of you having to take the time to come up with the plan and then implement it alone.


  • Anyone who wants to have fun decluttering while gaining (and giving!) encouragement. Support is so important for any lifestyle change. That’s why there’s an option to have a fifteen minute phone call with me each month and why we’ll use the Facebook group to share:


  1. pictures
  2. blog posts
  4. podcasts
  5. books
  6. our own struggles, victories, and suggestions


It will also be a great place to ask questions and get a variety of responses to see what works best for you. Encouraging others is one of the best ways to keep yourself excited about something. It’s helped me continue on several bad days.

  • Anyone who wants to be in control of deciding what is and isn’t important to you. If you want to keep an item, keep it! My job is to help you count the cost, not to tell you that it’s foolish to want to keep your stuff. When people did that to me, it only made me think all the more about why I want to keep it. And I’m sure I’m keeping some items you would think are ridiculous. :) We’ll consider if the items you want to keep evoke negative emotions and if the thought of not owning an item anymore gives you a sense of freedom.

Living Tiny, Dreaming Big


What is Clutter-Free by Thanksgiving?

clutter-free by thanksgiving

Clutter-Free by Thanksgiving is an online course designed to help you make room for what matters most by getting rid of what doesn’t.

For six months I will guide you in following the plan I made for myself (because nothing else worked for me).

This course uses the psychology behind accomplishing any large goal:

  • having a plan
  • a community to support you
  • learning positive habits to replace bad ones

I’ll be there to answer questions and also share resources. I know there’s plenty of information online, but sometimes that’s the problem. It’s hard to know what will work for you. I’ve done the research and can answer questions that you have about your specific situation.

Here’s what students told me are the most important things they learned from this course:

  1. That working at your own pace is okay
  2. Reminders that it’s not always about the past but also about the future. We save so much for our children, for our “somedays” and it can make our todays so much more difficult and harder to enjoy.
  3. Declutter by category, not by room.
  4. Make small changes everyday. The small changes make the big difference.
  5. The importance of letting go.

In just that one month, we donated or trashed about 67 bags of clutter! I’d love for you to be part of this life-changing experience.

I want you to be able to relax in your own space. I want you to have time and money to enjoy hobbies. These are the benefits I’m experiencing already. Most of all, I’m experiencing joy and freedom! I want all of these things for you, too.

My goal is to guide you from January to June as you focus on one step at a time in getting rid of stuff you don’t like or need. Then for any part that you missed or just want to do more of, we’ll still be able to catch up sometime between July and October while still getting our summer break. For last-minute touches, we’ll have a 30-day challenge leading up to Thanksgiving.

I’ve spent the last year doing research and testing what I’ve learned, but this year I’m looking to help 100 people experience the joy of becoming clutter-free.

If you want to be one of those people, enroll here.

Pop Quiz: How Cluttered Are You?

Do you have hoarding tendencies? Or are you more of a minimalist? Do you know you’re a packrat and want to see how you compare to others?

Take this quiz to find out simple ideas on how you can improve the state of your clutter no matter which one you are.


How cluttered are you? Quiz

(You’ll probably want to write down your answers so you can count up your score at the end.)

1. Complete this statement: If I continue with my current habits regarding possessions, I would consider myself a hoarder _____.

A. in 10 years
B. in 25 years
C. in 50 years
D. Never


2. I don’t have time to think about what’s most important to me each week, month, or year, much less come up with a plan to focus on what matters most.

A. True
B. False


3. How many boxes do you currently have in storage?

A. More than I can count
B. 0-5
C. 6-10
D. 11-20


4. Is there a room you put stuff in and close the door when company is over?

A. No
B. Yes! You mean I’m not the only one?
C. I have more than one room like that!
D. I don’t really have guests. Too many other things to do.


5. Do you like to organize but not get rid of stuff?

A. Yes
B. I don’t like either one.
C. I like both.
D. I like to get rid of stuff but not organize.


6. Do you have items you want to sell but haven’t yet?

A. No
B. Yes, about 1-5
C. Yes, lots of stuff
D. Yes, and it’s taking over!


7. Which of these statements are excuses you use for not getting rid of stuff? (Choose all that apply.)

A. I like my stuff and want to keep it.
B. I might need it one day.
C. I don’t have time.
D. I just need more space.
E. It’s not a priority; I have more important things to do.
F. It’ll just get cluttered again.
G. My family or roommate doesn’t help.

Congrats on finishing your pop quiz! Enter your email address below to immediately see your results:

Now you can post your score in the comments and see how you compare to other readers. Then share this post and tag friends whose score you’d like to know.