Christmas Yard Sale

For the past couple of months, I’ve had the privilege of meeting weekly with Heather Parady and a couple of other Big Picture people in an encouraging mastermind group she started. This week, we arranged to write guest posts for each other. Heather wrote this one, and yes, she is always this cute, fun, down-to-earth, and helpful:


I’m on a mission to get down to the “Nitty Gritty” (insert Nacho Libre voice). I have been

listening to a decluttering audiobook called ”Lighten Up” by Peter Walsh. A few months ago something like this

would have had ZERO appeal to me, but after spending just a little bit of time with Megan

Starbuck, I’ve been throwing things away like a mad woman.


In his audio book Peter talks about living with the essentials (the basics) and cutting the rest out.

Do I need this?

Did I even know I owned this?


I started a yard sale pile last week. You know its getting serious when you consider a yard

sale in the heat of July.


What does this have to do with Christmas?


While I was driving and listening to the audiobook I passively thought about Christmas. My

husband and I have made a habit of starting our Christmas shopping early in the year. In order to

avoid spending hundreds of dollars two weeks before Christmas (and eating PB&J that month)

we decided early on to buy one Christmas gift, every pay check, leading up to Christmas. In the

month of December we only have each other and our daughter to buy for. The stress is

minimized (not completely gone of course–we still have to go to white elephant parties) and we

can focus on enjoying that month.


So let me tie this together.


So far, I’ve made a Nacho Libre reference, talked about decluttering, having a yard sale, and



While in the car–it hit me. This year I am going to try something a little different. I hope you

will join me.


I am going to:

1. Declutter my garage, closet, cabinets, closets, etc. etc.

2. Have a yard sale.

3. Use the money I make to get some Christmas shopping out of the way.


I know this may sound a little silly- but think about it. Half of the junk that is tucked away,

hidden from sight, is completely useless. Its rotting. If a burglar came and stole it you may not

even know it was gone.


Why not take these things…and transfer them into something that you have to buy anyway? You

can declutter- and save some money.


Win Win.


If this works I may make this into a yearly tradition. Maybe even play some Christmas songs for

my yard sale shoppers to enjoy. New spin on “Christmas in July” 😉


Thanks to Megan for challenging me to reconsider how I live. She can help you walk through the

process of decluttering and figuring out what is really important to hold on to. Also thanks to

Peter Walsh for writing a neat book.


Follow me on Instagram @heatherparady. I may post some yard sale selfies while wearing a

Santa hat. Totally might happen. 😉


You can read Megan’s guest post here.