Simplifying Mother’s Day

Mom’s do so much to help make our lives simpler. (Yes, they can complicate it, too, but at this time of year, we’ll focus on how they make things easier on us.) Mother’s Day is a great way to repay them at least a little by simplifying their day.

simplifying mother's day

You may know a lot of ways to do this already:

  • Take over some household chores like cooking or cleaning
  • Manage her phone calls/texts for the day, so she isn’t on the phone all day but can also still receive any messages that can’t wait til Monday or that would be fun to get (I might have to try this one this year!)
  • Babysit a younger sibling
  • Help her declutter or organize a part of her life that’s been chaotic lately
  • Teach her a simple skill or habit that will save her time


The main thing is to think about them and what they have going on in their lives right now rather than giving a gift based on yourself and what’s happening in your world. What stresses them out that you could take care of for them for a day or two? What dreams or goals do they have that you could help them get closer to reaching?

When our own lives are hectic, it’s easy for us to put little time, effort, or sacrifice into our Mother’s Day gift. Try to simplify your life enough this year to be able to put some more thought than usual into your gift this year. Think of all the ways your mom has simplified your life. You don’t have to go over the top or be super creative. Just be thoughtful.

And if you’re a mom, try to simplify your own Mother’s Day weekend so that you can fully enjoy whatever gifts your children have for you this year.


“She deserves an armful of roses, but she’s satisfied with a

handful of weeds.” -Sheri Easter