Packrat to Clutter-Free

How does a major packrat transition to a clutter-free lifestyle in less than a year?

In this down-to-earth book, M.C. Starbuck shares all the messy details. Her stories allow you to journey with her, picking up practical tips that’ll have you letting go of your own clutter before you know it!

A few topics covered are:

– Ways to make decluttering fun!

– Letting go of sentimental clutter without regret

– How getting rid of clutter is like losing weight

– Five ways to keep toys under control

– Breaking tasks into manageable chunks



What People are Saying about Packrat to Clutter-Free

When I started reading this book, I didn’t really think I had a ton of clutter in my life. Now we have already cleaned out one of our closets and have talked about what we will tackle next.

Nick Spindler, Speaker & Blogger


I cannot believe how much valuable stuff was in this book. Really. And this is coming from a fairly uncluttered gal. I have learned a lot and felt super challenged too. I have a big bag by my door of stuff to donate!

– Heather Parady, The Weekly Parady Podcast


Holy cow, do you have fabulous analogies in this one!  Love the peach tree/pruning example, and the “my house was obese” statement was a hard hitter.  Wow!

– Shannon Hammar, Hairstylist & Mother of 4


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