31 Day Challenge: 3 Habits for Living Tiny

Who doesn’t want to be debt-free, have a clutter-free house, and breathing room in their schedule?

Yet so many people don’t have any of these things, and even fewer have all of them.

Removing debt or stress or clutter or time-commitments from life today is a challenge avoided because we think we can handle it.


We will get to it later.

Or we will be successful in spite of how complicated we make our lives.

Or someone else will take care of it for us if we wait long enough.


Those excuses may be true, but living a simple life now is much more rewarding.

What could you do differently if you were debt-free? Clutter-free? What if your schedule wasn’t so hectic? What if you had less body fat?

What would you do if you weren’t carrying all of that weight?

What dreams would you be able to pursue?

We can chase big dreams that really change the world, life by life, when we make room in these areas of our lives.

That’s why I’m inviting you to this challenge. I want you to live tiny so that you can dream big. Get rid of what’s holding you back so that you can live in freedom. Develop life-long habits that will make it more manageable for you to focus on changing lives for the better.

If you want that as well, then you are ready for this 31 day challenge.


Living tiny isn’t about getting rid of stuff until you have nothing to do. It’s about getting rid of stuff so you can focus on what’s most important.


That’s why I’m challenging myself to 31 days of developing the 3 habits I’ve noticed helped me to live tiny in the area of debt.

I am now enjoying the freedom of having paid off $25k in student loans. (You can read more about that here.) I learned a lot from achieving that goal. So many people have asked me how I did it. I know there are plenty of others who want and need to learn to do what I did.

Including myself.

See, I need to remind myself how I did it so that I can apply those habits to any area of my life.

If you’re like me, you may have noticed yourself getting rid of a bag of clothes only to refill the closet with new ones. Or maybe you quit one of your jobs to pursue a personal goal only to have other people and activities snatching up that extra time. You know…because you’re so awesome and generous. 😉 In a way, though, you’re robbing others of the help your dream would be giving them.

Getting rid of my debt was great, but it didn’t mean I could just quit making money and/or start buying whatever I want. I still have to practice good financial habits or I’ll find myself in debt again.

The same is true of a cluttered house or schedule. These are the areas I still struggle with. And I believe it’s why so many people fluctuate in their weight. They get where they want to be, feel like they’ve succeeded, and give up their good habits. We think everything is a one-time goal. In reality, living tiny is a lifestyle. It isn’t difficult, but it does take ongoing discipline and focus.

Don’t let that scare you. There’s certainly room for mistakes and imperfection. There’s even room for a little indulgence. If I’m in the habit of waking up at 5am, I may wake up at 7 one morning of the month, but my habit is still 5am. Or I may even give myself one day a week to sleep in. My habit hasn’t changed, but I still have that feeling of splurging within the discipline.


So I’m challenging myself to develop habits to fight against the chaos of life, and I would love for you to join me.

3 Habits for Living Tiny

It won’t officially be starting until January 1st, but you can go ahead and try to begin implementing these habits and brainstorming ideas if you feel that sense of urgency:

I’m really looking forward to January now, and I hope you are, too. Join me as I explore these 3 habits that help teach us how to live tiny so that we can spend time, space, energy, and money on what matters most.

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2 Comments 31 Day Challenge: 3 Habits for Living Tiny

  1. Lyn Churchyard

    This sounds interesting. I don’t have problems with a closet full of clothes, I haven’t bought anything new for about four years. I should though, because some of my favourite stuff is starting to fall apart 🙁
    Since I retired, I seem to have less time for serious writing. Of course, chronic pain doesn’t help either. I don’t have a great debt, less than three thousand, but that seems like a mountain when your income is below the official government stated “poverty line.”
    LOL if I downsized my “house” anymore, I’d be living in my fourteen-year-old car 😀
    I’m looking forward to larnin’ some more.
    P/S Jeff sent me here 😉


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