30 Day Clutter-Free by Thanksgiving Challenge


While this challenge can be done any time of the year, the holiday season seems to be the time my readers want to prepare for. This year, I’m giving an overview of each day’s challenge, but I’ll be posting more details about each day here on the blog. I recommend signing up for my newsletter through one of the pop up forms on my site so you receive that info in your inbox. I know some people will join a Facebook group with the best intentions but then never visit it again.


Now is also a great time to join because you’ll get the first chapter of my book that’s coming out the end of the year. Due to some changes with my email provider, I don’t know if or when I’ll offer it again after October 30th.


From Good Housekeeping Magazine


People think they don’t have time for decluttering. They don’t realize how much time it would save them in the long run.


Starting this challenge now will help keep you from having as much chaos last minute. But they are just ideas to help or inspire you. They aren’t set in stone. If you’ve done my challenges before, the first few days will be very familiar because they’re so important. If you’ve already done them, focus your time on decluttering instead. Use the challenges as a guide that you can tweak to fit your lifestyle and build good habits.


Since we’re getting ready for Thanksgiving, you might think I’d have the challenge start with the kitchen or living room, but there is a reason for the order I’ve chosen. When you’ve got your drawers and cabinets and closets decluttered, you have room to put away items that have ended up on the table, chairs, or floor.


However, since there are only 30 days, I’m leaving out things like junk drawers or pocketbooks or the office or guest room or attic. If you have an area on the challenge that’s already good, then you could use that day to focus on one of those extras. Feel free to contact me for advice about areas you’re struggling in that aren’t on the challenge. I can save you a lot of time searching for information because I’ve been researching this topic for 3 years now.



Where to Start



  • Use the Facebook group to…


-Share your struggles and questions
-Post successes and pictures
-Get to know other amazing people in the group
-Access quotes and videos from me to inspire you along the way


  • Remember to have fun! The point of this challenge is to relieve stress and help you enjoy the holidays. It’s not to add one more task to feel guilty for not completing. I recommend spending anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes on the challenge each day. This isn’t meant to be a super thorough decluttering challenge. The purpose is to quickly make things better in a way that has lasting results. My hope is that by the end, your home not only looks better, but feels better.


  • Accountability is so important. I wrote a whole chapter in my book about it. People often join a challenge but don’t follow through with it. My advice is to find a friend who will do this challenge with you. Even if they don’t need to declutter, find someone who will let you share how your day went and who will encourage you when you feel like it’s hopeless. Sometimes the person doesn’t even have to do anything. It motivates you to know they could mention it.



I appreciate the time and effort you are putting into using the challenge created for people just like you, who see the value of a calmer environment and making room for family and friends.


Thank you,


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