Why the Holiday Season is a Good Time to Declutter

After I’d written this and scheduled it to be posted, I had a lady in my Clutter-Free by Thanksgiving course post to our Facebook group that she wants her living room to be clutter-free so that pictures of opening presents aren’t ruined by junk in the background.

It was such a good point, I couldn’t believe I didn’t already have it on the list. Below you’ll find 8 more reasons to declutter at this time of year!

Grechen Rubin Quote

1. You’re home more.

That’s where a lot of the clutter is. So many people find it difficult to declutter because they are hardly ever at home. Especially if you are a student or teacher, take advantage of this time to declutter instead of filling your calendar with places to be!


2. Other people are home more.

They can help declutter or watch the kids so you can focus on the clutter.


3. You’ll be getting an influx of items as gifts.

Instead of letting that get you further behind, get rid of stuff now so that you’ll have a place for the new. This can be a good way to approach the topic with kids. Discuss the negative affects of keeping all of the old and the new (less space to play, taking longer to clean up, etc). Wouldn’t they rather get rid of some of the old instead of not getting anything new?


4. You’ll know what to add to your Christmas list.

Or at least you’ll have a better idea of what you already have and don’t have (or would like to replace because it doesn’t function as well as it used to).


5. Decorations!

Go ahead and get them out and evaluate what you actually want to use. Get rid of the rest (this is the time of year that will be easiest to get rid of it because people are using decorations right now) and reduce the chaos in the attic.


6. Attack the attic!

Speaking of the attic, while you’re there you might as well glance around for another box or two that you could go through to get rid of stuff. You know, the ones you said you’d unpack later. The ones you forgot about. The ones you had the best intentions about. There’s probably stuff up there that would be easy to get rid of, stuff you’ll think you were crazy for thinking you’d ever use. This is the time to get rid of it. Don’t put it off for a more convenient day because it probably won’t come.


7. Check your gift stash.

If you’ve done so well all year at buying gifts so you could be prepared, make sure you’re sorting through it so that you don’t end up wasting money buying more than you need to. You’re welcome! Then you’ll also be getting rid of those gifts soon and freeing up more space. Win!


8. New Year’s Resolutions are around the corner.

If you start decluttering now, you’ll have some routines and momentum established to keep you going as you return to work. Even if being clutter-free isn’t at the top of your list, decluttering can impact so many other areas of your life. You know, the ones a lot of people make New Year’s Resolutions about.

“People tell me, ‘I cleaned my desk, and now I feel like I can go running in the morning!’ ”

-Gretchen Rubin, author of Better Than Before, a book about how to change our habits

(Check out her fascinating interview on The Lively Show podcast!)


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