Packrat to Clutter-Free 30-Day Challenge



It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for a decluttering challenge.


You’ve opened all the presents, and now you need a place for everything. The house is in overwhelming disarray. The kids are still out of school, and you wonder why they even got any toys for Christmas when they still had plenty from last year.


Or maybe you don’t even have kids, but somehow your house still looks like a landfill.


The best way to make more room for all the awesome new stuff you have is to get rid of stuff you don’t even like, and that’s what we’ll do during this challenge.


Just 3 years ago, I was a major packrat. I know the struggle. But I also know that it doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it.


These challenges are always so fun for me! I’m particularly excited about this one because I’ve been trying a new idea I call the “Clear the Surface” challenge. I choose a counter or table or desk, quickly count/guestimate how many items are on it, and try to reduce the clutter on it by half. Often I’ve gotten rid of more than half. So many things sitting out in the open have somewhere else they belong.


Anyway, I’ve incorporated some of those surface challenges into these 30 days, which will begin January 1st.


A Few Other Things You Need to Know about the Challenge


  • Joining the Living Tiny, Dreaming Big facebook group will allow you to see the description of each day’s challenge as well as share Before & After pictures and any questions you have about decluttering. The pinned post has my previous 30-Day challenge, where you can click each day to read the description. So if you’re ready to start early, you could begin with those. Some of them are the same as this challenge because they are so important.


  • This challenge goes along with my book, Packrat to Clutter-Free. You don’t have to have the book to participate. The book just provides extra ideas and more of a long-term plan.


  • If you do have the book, however, you can send a screenshot of your proof of purchase (or forward your receipt) to to get a free printable copy of the 30-Day Journal I created to assist you on this challenge. It will serve as a physical reminder to declutter and establish good clutter-free habits. It has a quote of the day, room to write what you’re grateful for, your goals and reflections, and a place to check off how long you spent decluttering that day.


  • You can also receive the free challenge printable to mark off each task once you’ve done it by entering your email at the top of this page.



Don’t forget to check out my book in Paperback or on Kindle. You can get a headstart on reading it while you wait for the challenge to start January 1st! I can’t wait to see some great Before & After pictures!

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